4 Steps To Payment Belk Credit Card [Belkcredit.com]?

Belkcredit.com – Reviews | Customers can even choose Gift Suggestions Belk, specifically; Belk Elite and card Belk Premier. That could present your savings up to 35 days annually as a distinctive financing.

Belk, Inc., headquartered in North Carolina, is a privately held company department store that offers southern-style. In tens of thousands of retail locations, the buyer will find a variety of domestic and private label brands, accessories, shoes, cosmetics and other household goods.

Belk Credit is issued by GE Capital bank. You are able to easily manage your charge card accounts on the web. With the assistance of Belk card you can pay bills, check accounts, subscribe for electronic statements and much more. Interestingly there’s not any annual dues to be paid off.

How To Make A Belk Credit Card Payment By Mail?

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  1. Produce a check or money purchase Payable to BELK to the volume you wish to pay for.
  2. Write your Belk credit card Account number on the check or money order to aid in processing.

Place the check or money order in An envelope and address it to:

Synchrony Bank/Belk

P.O. Box 530940

Atlanta, GA 30553-0940

Attach the Correct Amount of Postage into the envelope and then mail it.

The Way to Produce A Belk Creditcard Payment By Phone?

  1. Dial 800-669-6550 to accomplish the Automated system.
  2. Say or enter your Belk charge Card number.
  3. Follow the system prompts to complete your payment.

Belk Rewards Card Benefits

You get a reward card when you Open an account Belkcredit.com; you obtain bonus card. You receive many benefits as Being a card holder such as reward points – 1 purpose with every $1 spent, every Year 35 exclusive saving days, special exclusive point’s events, 20 percent off Birthday coupons etc. More you invest, more the rewards you get as a Belk cardholder.

How To Create A Belk Credit Card Payment Via The Belk App?

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  1. Install and open the Belk app on Your mobile device.
  2. Register for internet account Access when you’ve not already.
  3. Log into the program with the Username and password that you created when you enrolled.
  4. Click the “Upgrades” tab.
  5. Follow the prompts to finish Your payment.

How To Make A Belk Store Card At Belkcredit.com Online Payment?

  1. Register with www.belkcredit.com If desired. You’ll develop a username and password to log into to your Belk credit card application accounts.
  2. Proceed Towards the BelkCredit Online card Sign-in webpage.
  3. Enter your Belk login.
  4. Get into the Belk credit card Bill pay option.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete Your payment.