Claim in Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited FACTA Settlement Lawsuit


Find out about Golf Green Alliance

Provides golf clubs with playgrounds for kids with a variety of promotions. At Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, LP offers family golf classes, 9-hole lighting courses, clubs on club family tees, and many more.


Individually and on behalf of individuals who have Similar locations at Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, L.P by knowing loopholes and violations in the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act with errors in cutting back charge or bank card numbers at receipts. If you’d like a claim it is very important to show some signs and deny liability for any claims made in the suit.


The claim has to be treated as a class action lawsuit. In solving this issue, an agreement between the 2 parties is expected to shut to prevent the expense and risks related to deeper entrance in to lawsuit. To find reimbursement they must meet certain requirements and visit the FACTA Settlement greens page that could be obtained on the web or directly to your own workplace.

Think about the lawyer in submitting the claim?

The court will appoint one attorney in the Class to complete The claim submission. You might perhaps not be charged by this attorney and they will receive payments from Evergreen alliance golf limited which will reflect lawyers’ expenses and fees, as well as their fees, even if approved by the Court. You can also make your own lawyer if you want to be represented by your lawyer. It is possible to hire somebody at your own expense. In the event you decide to hire your own lawyer, he must submit a look first.

Advice on Field Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited Get FACTA Settlement?

Mail: Golf Course Administrator FACTA Settlement P. O. Box

Telephone: 1-866-619-6612



Just how do you settle claims for FACTA Lawsuit greens?

Fair and Accurate Credit is violated with a golf Program Handled by Evergreen Alliance Golf.

  • You can visit
  • You must provide a PIN Code and Claim ID.
  • Stop by

One of many other protections made to prevent individuality Theft and credit fraud, FACTA prohibits retailers from dispersing electronically printed debit and credit card receipts that signal the card’s expiration date or even more compared to the last five digits of credit card number.