How To Sign Up Citi Prepaid BioLife Card Plasma?

Biolife Card – Reviews | Average BioLife Plasma Services hourly pay ranges from Approximately $11.00 per hour for Phlebotomy Tech to $23.40 hourly for Registered Nurse – Operating Room. The Normal BioLife Plasma Services salary ranges from roughly $18,896 per year for Medical Historian to $41,853 per year for Rn – Operating Room.

Each Biolife Card centre is a very important area of its community. Donors not only contribute the way to obtain life threatening therapeutics, but also promote the commercial vitality of these immediate areas. The compensation donors receive for their devotion to the BioLife program have been spent and re-spent in the community.

BioLife is among the Very popular Blood donation facility at america that pays blood donations. BioLife Plasma Services is part of Shire. Shire really are a global biotechnology company offering specialist medical solutions for people suffering from rare diseases.

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Just How Does BioLife Work?

There is a 6 step process to utilizing BioLife for the initial time:

  1. Is to register up. Now you can do this by registering on the Biolife Citicard internet site, and attending to the regional centre.
  2. Is to therefore a contribution screening. Here You’ll answer Some private and medical ailments. This guarantees that your donation is harmless to your others.
  3. Phase will be always to get assessed by a health Historian. They Will quantify your weight, heartbeat and blood pressure.
  4. Is to meet a phlebotomist and earn a donation.
  5. May be the part where you get your own compensation. BioLife Pay you via a BioLife Debit Card. At the time of posting this guide, the debit card is a MasterCard. Before, Biolife card balance covered contributions by money, however, as a former BioLife employee on Reddit disclosed , this turned into a danger for employees so today payment is done by card.
  6. Would be to schedule your next contribution so that you can Donate regularly. It’s possible to book your next donation on the BioLife Website.

Could You Use a Biolife Card On The Web?

Can I utilize the Prepaid Card for online purchases? You can use That the Card for purchases anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted – even online. However, you need to register the Card at Before attempting an online purchase.

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How To Empower – Citi Prepaid Biolife Plasma Bankcard On The Web?

  1. See:
  2. Type your user name in the space provided
  3. Type your password in the area provided
  4. Click on the button “Join.”
  5. Access and manage your own accounts online to BioLife Plasma Card Balance