How You Can Activate The Card Citibank Credit Online | – 2019 | Prepaid Citi Com Pg card could be Used on the web, phone, and also everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This is really a card so you must first deposit on your account before you can use your card for a purchase.

Citi Prepaid cards used to issue deductions. The significance is for organizations can reduce costs related to payment of the wages. Instead of newspaper checks issued, your wages will probably be instantly credited to a www prepaid citi.

Steps To Creating New User ID, IPIN (Internet Password) And APIN (ATM PIN)?

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  1. Proceed into And select First Time User? Register Now –
  2. Select Bank Card from account Information drop-down
  3. Authenticate account information using OTP
  4. Choose USER ID
  5. Choose IPIN (Internet password)
  6. Choose APIN (ATM PIN)
  7. Login using USER ID and IPIN Credit Card Could Be Used In And Outside The Nation?

  1. Citibank Provides equally ‘International’ bank card and ‘Domestic only’ credit cards to fulfill your spend requirements.
  2. ‘International’ credit cards may Be used in India and abroad. It’s, but not valid for earning foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan. ‘International’ bank cards are available across our product range.
  3. ‘National merely’ card restricts Usage to merchant and internet web sites registered just in India. For availing ‘National just’ credit card, then choose ‘Citi Bank Rewards Domestic Card’.
  4. We recommend that you enroll Your card to get international usage in select geographies one week prior to your travel. This would make sure that the possibility of almost any financial abuse on your own card as a result of international usage is minimized.
  5. To register your own card to get International usage, you can telephone our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking help line, prepaid

What’s The Procedure To Employ For A Citibank Credit Card Online?

To apply for a Citibank Credit Card on the web, please go here:

Once the program is lodged, An executive representing Citibank will contact you in 2-3 working days to collect the documents. The filled application processing can need 7 business days. On consent, the credit card together with the welcome package will be discharged to your mailing address.

How Can I Activate My Citibank Credit Card on the Web?

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To activate/de-activate your own Cards online using your Internet Banking PIN:

  1. Go to through computer/laptop/tablet.
  2. Select “LOGIN TO”, Followed by”Citibank on the web”
  3. Input: User ID. Password.
  4. Under “Services” > “My Profile”, click “Overseas Card ” link and follow the steps on screen.